Saltigem Chemigem Salt Cell Reverse-Polarity Replacement Cells


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High Quilty Australian made replacement  Saltigem salt cell

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Pool Controls Chemigem Saltigem Salt Chlorinator RP30 & RP20 Salt Cell Replacements .


  • This genuine or generic Saltigem with lead will retro fit your current salt cell.
  • Both RP30 have 10 plates 200 mm long.
  • Both RP20 have 7 plates 200 mm long.
  • This new RP30 salt cell will make 30 grams or 20 grams  RP20 of chlorine per hour.
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Saltigem Salt Chlorinator RP Salt Cell with leads

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Weight 20206 kg

RP30-Generic, RP30-Genuine, RP20-Generic, RP20-Genuine

Samtigem Salt Cell

SG10-Genuine, SG10-Generic