Aquabrite 1kg Sachets


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Aquabrite 1kg Sachets – HPA125


Aquabrite 1kg

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Aquabrite brings three very important benefits to the salt chlorination
system, Firstly Aquabrite lifts the ORP performance of the chlorine produced,
Secondly Aquabrite forms chlorine in its own right when mixed with the salt in
solution and Thirdly Aquabrite holds a residual keeping the water from turning
green even after dilution from heavy down pours.For Chlorine systems
Aquabrite works with the chlorine boosting it’s efficiency which in turn
requires less Chlorine. Aquabrite also holds a residual in the water where chlorine is burnt off. Aquabrite is also a pool conditioner
eliminating the need for cyanuric acid and U.V. blockers
Aquabrite is a unique blend of oxygen based oxidizers and
contains no chlorine or bromine. It works perfectly with all sanitizing
systems to keep pools and spas cleaner, for longer. Unlike other oxidizers it is not affected by sunlight and actually works better in hot water.
The water remains bright and sparkling without chemical taste or odor.
Aquabrite is mild and ideal for asthmatics and those with sensitive skin.

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